Human Resources Outsourcing – relatively new but rapidly trending solution of staff recruitment. This service allows a more flexible and efficient management of human resources. In the last decade, Human Resources Outsourcing has evolved to become a reliable and predictable way to help streamline processes and reduce operating costs. This service guarantees your company’s operational flexibility and time savings therefore you can have more time to focus on your core business.

As a fast growing specialist, JSC Dialogus  supplies skilled personnel to all of aviation market companies, who are looking for a professional help. We can confidently provide the service necessary to manage all aspects of your exacting staffing efforts. Our goal is to meet the human resourcing needs of your company in the most efficient and cost effective way. We have the expertise and the resources to save you money and time. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations, standards and economics that influence the aviation industry enable us to support you with professionals who focus on providing the best service.

At present Dialogus can offer:

  • Aviation security managers meeting National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme (NCASTP) requirements for aviation security manager labor force lease
  • Quality management, corresponding to EU-OPS requirements and acceptable to the CAA, labor force lease
  • Air transport passengers complaints (claims) adjudication and evaluation specialists
  • Managers responsible for the safe transportation of dangerous goods 

An employee is leased by signing labor force lease contract, so we take responsibility for employer’s obligations such as payment of wages, changes in personnel, arranging holidays, workplace, time and training. Labor force lease is particularly relevant for companies, where non full-time employees are able to carry out the functions, where they are subject to extremely high or specific qualification requirements and therefore it is expensive for companies to  regularly employ  such professionals.

Every candidate is considered individually before being considered for either contract or permanent work.

As a regulatory training company we are also able to provide where necessary any recurrent training required in support of the contract.