Terms of Use

1. General Provisions

Provisions of these terms of use (hereinafter – Terms of Use) are applicable to the aforementioned JSC “Dialogus“, which is based on Savanorių Ave. 219, Post code 02300 Vilnius, Lithuania, and which is provided with legal entity code from Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania 302421346 (hereinafter referred to as – “Dialogus”) to the internet website and other websites owned by “Dialogus“, which are based on the address of “dialogus.lt“.

By using the website of “Dialogus” or services that are provided in it, you agree to these Terms of Use. In such case when there is a contradiction between the conditions of certain services and these Terms of Use, the priority is given to the conditions of those services.

2. Restraints for using the internet website

The information provided in the website of “Dialogus“ is taken from the sources that are considered to be reliable according to “Dialogus”. “Dialogus” or third parties do not provide any clearly defined or implied guarantees or affirmation that the information provided in this website or through it, is accurate, thorough, or updated. Information that is present in this website might be altered or deleted without any notice provided in advance. “Dialogus” does not confirm or guarantee that this website and/or services on the internet applicable through this website are functioning without any errors or interruptions.

This website and all the content stored in it cannot be copied, altered, republished, forwarded, distributed, announced or used when creating derivative works, without the prior written consent from “Dialogus”.

The content presented in this website cannot be published in any other websites or means of communication.

3. Disclaimer

“Dialogus“or third parties do not provide any guarantees in regards to this website or its content.  “Dialogus“ does not take any responsibility for updating this website and is not accountable for the provided information being new and thorough. Therefore, before making any decisions related to the services provided by this website, you should confirm the accuracy and thoroughness of the published information yourself.

“Dialogus“ does not account for any expenses, harm or loss (direct, indirect, special, accidental, appearing as a consequence, punitive or exemplary damage, including, but not limiting to financial loss and loss of profit), that have appeared in any way as a consequence of using this website, even in such case when “Dialogus” was aware of imperfections of the website or its content.

4. Copyright and Trademarks

Publishing, reproducing, transferring or storing the whole or part of the content of the website is prohibited, except for the cases when the owner, holder of copyright or other intangible rights gives permission for such action. Prohibition is not applicable for storing this data in the computer or printing it, if it is made exclusively for personal use. The content might be cited, meeting the existing laws regulating copyright. It is necessary to indicate the source when the content is being cited. Trademarks used in the website cannot be reproduced, published or distributed without the prior consent from their owner.

5. Links

When “Dialogus“ provides textual references to other websites of third parties, such links are not confirmed by “Dialogus” for any products or services that are provided in such websites or through them. Usage of such links is exceptionally at your risk and “Dialogus” does not take responsibility for the content, usage, or accessibility of such websites. “Dialogus” has not checked whether the content of these websites is correct, accurate, valid, reliable, or extensive.

All the links leading to the website of “Dialogus” must be confirmed in a written form, except for the cases, when “Dialogus” agrees that such links are activated links, and that such websites do not make the following actions: it does not create frames around the pages of such website and does not use any other techniques for changing visual presentation or appearance of the content; it does not claim to have incorrect relations with “Dialogus”; it does not claim that “Dialogus” approves and supports them, their website, or services and products that they offer; it does not create incorrect or misleading impression about “Dialogus”, and does not destroy good reputation related to “Dialogus” in any way. In order for you to be allowed to provide a link directing to this website, you need to agree that “Dialogus” can terminate the permission to provide a link directing to this website at any time whenever they need it. You must also agree that in such case you will immediately delete all the links directing to this website, and will no longer use the logo of “Dialogus”.

All the links directing to this website must be opened in a separate window and cannot be provided relating them with trademark or logo of any other website, unless it is agreed so with “Dialogus” in writing.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This website and its Terms of Use are ruled and they are explained by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. All the disputes that arise from or are related with these Terms of Use belong to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Lithuania.

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